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Solomon Eseme
I use Contentre to generate multiple samples and portfolios with content rules set to what my clients want. It also helps me organize all my technical writing gigs and publish new stuff across different platforms from one place.

Solomon Eseme

Senior Technical Writer @ Kinsta


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technical writing career

Enjoy these features and more

Content Hub

Sort, filter and organize all your content into categories, niches, topics and tags and draw insightful analytics -- published anywhere.

Portfolio Management

Create multiple personalized portfolios to streamline their content to a particular client, category, niche, topic using thousands of template or drag and drop to build your personalized portfolio.

Content Publishing

You can promote your content across social media and auto-publish on different platforms such as WordPress, HashNode, Medium, Strapi, DevTo with a single click.

Proposals and Cover letter generator

Generate industry standard writing proposal and cover letter, that attracts results.

Awesome feedback from technical writers

How it works.

Start managing your freelance technical writing for free in less time.

Add your writing clients

Add as many writing clients as possible. You can even add your own blog or platforms such as Medium, HashNode, Dev.to, etc

Add/Paste link to your contents

Copy and paste the link to your content anywhere published and let us do the magic. Also, you can create the content right from Contentre.

Enjoy modern technical writing career

Contentre gives your freelance technical writing career a touch of excellence. Spend less time managing your freelance technical writing career and more time focused on your writing and getting more clients.

Organize all your content
in one place.

No matter where your content is published on your clients website, you can easily keep track, arrange, sort, filter and gain insightful analytics of your content published anywhere.

Organized Content Overview

Comprehensive Content
Analytics, Insights and Reporting

Gain comprehensive and valuable insights of your contents published anywhere. Take charge of your content analytics and reporting across your clients.

Analytics Overview

Create and Customize your
Personalized writing portfolio easily.

Customizable auto-generated content portfolio. Customize your portfolio to best suit your brand or choose from thousands of templates.

Creating Portfolio

Unlock the benefits of modern technical writing

Organize Your


No matter where your content is published on your clients website, you can easily keep track of your content published anywhere in one place.

Manage categories:

Create, update, delete, and assign categories to your content to help organize them. Gain insightful analytics of each categories.

Manage niches and topics:

Create, update, delete, and assign niches to your content to help organize them. Gain insightful analytics of each niches.

Manage tags:

Create, update, delete, and assign tags to your content to help organize them. Gain insightful analytics of each tags.

Manage Multiple Personalized


Stop sending gigantic portfolio to your clients. Streamline your portfolio to a particular clients needs with our Multiple and Personalized Portfolio Feature.

Use default template

Create your portfolio in less than a minute our default template to create your technical writing portfolio.

Use Customized Templates

Choose from hundreds of customized portfolio crafted to convert leads to clients.

Use Drag and Drop Portfolio Creator

Customized a personalized portfolio in less than 5 minutes with our Portfolio Customizer.



Your portfolio is listed in our technical writers' directory and communities.

Technical Writers directory

Get your portfolio listed in our technical writers' directory

Join Technical Writing Communities

Join hundreds of technical writers to learn the latest update in technical writing and stay upto date.

Generate Proposals/Cover letter

Generate proposals and cover letters that get you results.

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